Young interpreters at Greenfield Community CollegeSW talk 2

Greenfield Arts have been working in partnership with students of Greenfield Community College to inspire younger generations to go out and see more creative work in galleries and museums. The aim of the project is to highlight everyone’s ability to be creative and therefore offering freedom of expression, whilst developing their own creative practice and mentoring skills.

So far the group of Year 11 art students have worked together to devise a talk and workshop, based upon exhibitions in The Greenfield Gallery, which they have offered to Year 9 students to inspire them to choose art for GCSE. Year 11 students started by visiting the Laing Gallery in Newcastle to see how something like that is ran and took part in their own workshop and talk based on the ‘Out of Chaos’ exhibition, which is currently on display. They then met with artist Stephen Wiper, who was previously on display in The Greenfield Gallery, to understand the background to his work and how he came to be the artist he is now. They took all of this information and devised their own event, which Year 9 students enjoyed thoroughly.

Teaching staff were thrilled to see both Year 11 and Year 9 students using their initiative and speaking so positively about their creativity as well as that of the artist in residence, Stephen Wiper. Year 11 students will continue with the project, with the aim to devise more opportunities for younger years to experience art and creativity and it will also offer them a chance to mentor new members, before they start exams at the end of the year. This is a brilliant opportunity for young people of different ages to work together and share their positivity for learning through art. Year 11 students taking part will also have the chance to submit their portfolio for an Arts Award, which is a brilliant way to gain additional awards recognised by businesses and colleges. We look forward to what is still to come!

For more information on The Greenfield Gallery and what opportunities we offer for young people, check out our website or speak to a member of our lovely staff on 01325 379048 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .