Men's Cree Transform Space for Students

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Our fabulous Cree Men at Greenfield Arts have once again weaved  their magic to transform a special space for learning at Greenfield  Community College.  The group have pooled their skills and talents  to improve the space used by small groups of students and learning  support staff from the SEND team.  The results are amazing!

Led by Richard Agar the men have helped design and create an  area which includes bench seating and imaginative tables and  chairs  made from recycled materials from the school skip!  It even  has a roof light tunnel bringing light to what has become an  inspirational space.

The students themselves have also had an input, led by artist Vicky  Holborough they have designed artwork and beautifully decorated  friendship stones to help create a comfortable and caring  environment for young people to thrive.  Staff were amazed at the  transformation that had taken place over the summer, “there are no  words to describe the difference this will make” said Mrs  Etherington.

This is just one of the many projects the Cree Men have been  involved in, making improvements for young people and the wider  community whilst developing their own well-being.  If you would like   to know more about the Cree group contact our friendly  team on 01325 379048 or visit our website