Cutting Loose 2012

“Cutting Loose” is a live outdoor spectacular event in association with BRASS: Durham International Festival that includes a carnival of live music, dance and costume. The event is FREE and in 2012 took place in West Park (boating lake), Newton Aycliffe, on Thursday 12th July 2012 at 6pm.

cuttign loose 2012 1
The project involved a wide spectrum of the Newton Aycliffe community to bring colour, life and excitement to our town. Over 250 primary school children from Newton Aycliffe made props, created dance moves and performed in the carnival celebration.

Over 240 secondary school students were involved in the project, these included:
• Over 15 musicians from Woodam and the youth music service, 
• 15 BTEC dancers from Greenfield, 
• 16 Youth Challenge students from Greenfield who ran the shop and assisted with workshops

cutting loose 2012 3• Over 150 students from Greenfield and 15 from Woodham that designed and made items to sell in the Cutting Loose Shop.

As part of the build-up to the event we set up the Cutting Loose shop in Newton Aycliffe town centre, which was open at least every Tuesday from 10am to 4pm. The shop had a variety of artworks and craft items for sale, which were created by students from Greenfield School, Woodham School and local artists. The shop was decorated with hand printed wallpaper made by adults from the PACE shop. The shop raised the profile of the project within the community and was a space that allowed people to get involved in a ‘hands on’ way and get involved in what was going on. Jazz in my Pants performed in July and we held public drop in workshops. The shop was kindly provided by Town Centre Management.

cutting loose 2012 4
The event was managed by Greenfield Community & Arts Centre and funded by GAMP AAP Neighbourhood Councillors budget. Bravura managed the production. Two emerging artists delivered workshops in our shop, Sarah Churlish and Jilly Greenwood. Ken Patterson was the musical director and Ali Dixon was choreographer. The carnival included performances from professional musicians including Jazz in my Pants, Bande de la Maria and World beaters and professional stilt walkers from Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International.

The project was developed & managed by Greenfield Community & Arts Centre and was funded by the GAMP AAP Neighbourhood Councillors Budget. The funding Durham County Councillors were: Mike Dixon, Joan Gray, Enid Paylor, Dorothy Bowman, John Moran, Paul Gittins and Sarah Iveson.