Cutting Loose 2014

This year's Cutting Loose event took place on Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 6pm, West Park, Boating Lake, Newton Aycliffe. More than 20 groups of young people and the community have been busy preparing, making, rehearsing and more over the past few months ready for the event. Thank you to all for making it such a success! Watch our great video by Capture Films by clicking here - thanks to Beat N Blow for the soundtrack!


To download the official Cutting Loose Flyer click here.



cl copeThere are faeries in this town. You may not have met them yet, but we all know they are there. The King of the faeries, is grumpy and hard to please and he is paying Newton Aycliffe a visit. The faeries are busy making preparations ready for his arrival and they need our help.







cl holidaysThe King of the faeries wants to see the best of Newton Aycliffe. He wants to know the places you love. Secret places only we know. Places where we meet our friends and laugh. If we can make him smile then, with one wave of his magic pitchfork, he will bless this town with a gift. At 6pm on 15th July at West Park, to be precise. So there.

Come along and show the King of the faeries the places in Newton Aycliffe we love. Go on; put a smile on an old faery’s face!


2014's Cutting Loose has been funded by GAMP AAP, Great Aycliffe Town Council, Livin, NHS and Greenfield Arts. 

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10 Primary schools from Newton Aycliffe and 2 secondary schools will be involved in the creative development of the event, developing and creating artwork and dance as part of the performance. Music will include students from Newton Aycliffe schools alongside professional performers.






CL14 stem 1

Members of the community will also be involved - with community workshops developing artwork for the project, and a group of men creating part of the performance from our "Cree" project. 


The event is being directed by Unfolding Theatre, and will be delivered by a range of professional artists and performers. The event has been developed and will be managed by Greenfield Arts.