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This project is about using creativity and imagination to find visual ways to celebrate and share the love of the railway in Shildon, what is means to Shildon as a community and what it means for our future.  This will culminate in a new public artwork that will be displayed alongside the platform at Shildon Railway Station.


A group of young people from Greenfield Community College - Sunnydale Campus and Shildon Youth Group ‘Teen Spirit’ have worked with artist/creative designer Nicola Golightly to explore their understanding of the railway and its importance in Shildon.  They have used a number of artistic processes to develop their ideas and create elements that can contribute to the final design idea. They were also invited to work with Laura Degnan, a creative writer and filmmaker, to explore alternative ways of describing and expressing. 


Teacher Lauren Braithwaite along with Yr 9 art students from Sunnydale campus began the project with a brief to explore the past, present and future of Shildon and the students rose to the challenge showing creative flair and a real interest in the history of the town.  Nicola has also been working with Lucy Mann and members of the Shildon Youth Group ‘Teen Spirit’ who have made a wonderful contribution to the project. The project which is funded by BASH, developed by Greenfield Arts and
helped along by ‘Friends of Shildon Railway’ has not only provided a stunning collection of public art it has also provided a platform for young people to develop and voice their ideas through creative learning.


The voices and perceptions of the students can be seen within the artwork which has recently been part of an Exhibition at the Civic Hall and was launched at Shildon Railway.  The vibrant artwork is a fantastic celebration of Shildon and a testament to all of those involved.  The launch was celebrated by an unveiling of the artwork by the Mayor of Shildon, Cllr Trish Pemberton, and a fabulous site specific dance performance from Greenfield Community College students who have been working hard with dance teacher and choreographer Mrs Dixon to help celebrate the day. Please use the lin kbelow to see the video.


To celebrate the art work there will be a blog page created that documents the process of the project, recognising the hard work that has gone into it, and for people to be able to find out more about the project/art work. 


Launch Event Video