Youth Cree create platform for humourbring the funny web 2


Greenfield Arts have been privileged to be part of the ten-year celebration for Arts Award ‘We are Ten’ which is part of an ambitious programme established by Culture Bridge North East, in partnership with the Customs House. Greenfield Arts was one of 10 organisations working with young people in schools throughout the North East to offer them the opportunity to work with talented local artists and practitioners to achieve their nationally recognised Arts Award qualification. Our fantastic Youth Cree group have been working alongside talented artists Nicola Golightly, Laura Degnan and Ruth Johnson to come up with artwork and a catalogue of soundbites to bring a smile to the faces of people using the Newton Aycliffe Railway Station.


The project ‘Bring the Funny’ is part of the Youth Cree project which is supported by GAMP and Public Health funding and has been developed by Greenfield Arts. The Youth Cree are a group of young people who take part in positive activity that makes them feel good, believe in themselves and create wonderful ideas to encourage that in others. Sophie Lewis, Community and Arts Centre Co-ordinator is thrilled with the success of the project so far, “this is a fantastic opportunity for our young people to explore something exciting and new as well as generate something kind for others, and in doing so allow them to understand how to be kind to themselves. They have worked so well with our talented artists to bring this to life”.


The project is part of a wider initiative to ‘adopt a station’ at Newton Aycliffe, which will see Greenfield Community College staff and students work together to create a different installation or art piece to enhance the traveller’s experience and offer a platform for the high quality work our students create, that can be valued and celebrated publicly. Use of this creative approach is aimed to engage many of those who can be difficult to reach or at risk by finding 'real life', purposeful activity.


On the successful completion of the project, the students were invited to attend the awards ceremony and ‘We Are Ten’ celebrations at The Discovery Museum in Newcastle, where they were presented with their award and were able to join in a fun day of activities with other participants from the 10 schools and organisations. 3 students attended on behalf of the Youth Cree group to accept the awards alongside artist Nicola Golightly and Sophie Lewis, and were brilliant representatives for both Greenfield Community College and Greenfield Arts Youth Cree.


Thanks to the hard work of our Cree volunteers, who worked with the young people to devise and create a sound box for the installation, the work is now on display so why not take a trip from Newton Aycliffe station and see what wonders it brings.