From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary


Students at Greenfield Community College have been working hard to bring about extraordinary results.  The campaign, which has inspired a number of projects both at Greenfield and within the wider community, is coming together this week to celebrate a love of reading and writing and to recognise the extraordinary ‘power of words’.

Students from our Sunnydale Campus have been working alongside talented writer Laura Degnan to produce their very own special publication, ‘From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary’ The book is a collection of insightful prose designed to inspire themselves and others to reach their full potential.  The project was developed by Greenfield Arts and supported by Michael Chaplin, son of renowned local author Sid Chaplin. The results have been amazing and to mark the event Greenfield has been hosting assemblies across the school to celebrate not only the publication but the underlying message.

Our fabulous Cree Men have also been working hard to shine light on the topic, working alongside group leader Richard Agar they have once again created an amazing installation which will impact on the school and the local community.  The installation can be seen at both sites and consists of large LED displays which depict the words ‘Try, Inspire, Achieve’ a fitting phrase for the students of Greenfield which originated from our very own Student Leadership Team.

The Cree group were invited to attend the opening celebration at our Sunnydale site and Greenfield’s Student Leadership Team were an integral part of proceedings leading part of the event and engaging the audience which consisted of the full school.  Greenfield were thrilled to welcome back special guest Michael Chaplin who has been sharing inspirational stories of his father’s work and how his determination and talent won through.

All students received a copy of the special book which can inspire the reader and map their own achievements and coincided with World Book Day. The ‘extraordinary’ pack also included a personalised pencil, a bookmark and even some sweets, a great inspirational starter pack.  Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity at Greenfield Arts was thrilled with the way things have come together,  “It has been brilliant to see the students come up with their own ideas and inspire each other and see our projects make such an impact”.

 A very special thanks must go to all the students involved, to Michael Chaplin and to GAMP AAP for their continued support with our Cree and Youth Cree projects.