Live Performances 


At Greenfield Arts we are pleased to be able to host a number of live performances each year, including offer for families, primary schools, secondary schools and members of the public.



Various performances from Hannabiell and Llaggerubb on the Sunnydale Campus and Aycliffe Site, as part of Durham Brass Festival, in July.

"Error 404" written and performed by Daniel Byre, ARC Stockton present Polka Theatre Production - Part of Take Off Festival in October 

There’s a boy. No more than ten years old. You know someone just like him – except that his best friend is a robot. Don’t hold that against him, though. He lost his best friend recently and when his mum brings home an unusual parcel, things start getting weirder and weirder. Join him on a roller coaster of laughter, tears, music and games – you might even change the ending. Funny, engaging and unusual, Error 404 asks you to look again at everything you thought you knew.


2016:swatr WEB

We were lucky enough to have Mad Alice Theatre Company with us for our Rights Respecting Day, which encourages students to discuss big issues and share ideas and opinions with adults and peers. Their show “She Wins All the Races” is a heartening tale about a girl whose two brothers tragically develop muscular dystrophy, although quirky and light hearted it addresses the rights of those with a disability and the resilience of the human spirit. It encouraged interesting conversations about ethics and the right to life and was something students could relate to.  

We've also had performances from the 10th Annual Durham Brass Festival. Funky Style Brass and Mr Wilson 2nd Line had our students up dancing out of their seats and even running a conga line!

As always, we hosted the annual Take Off Festival in October, with "Fairytales Gone Bad: Zombie-Rella/Blood-Red Hood" by performance poet Joseph Coelho from Half Moon Theatre.


In 2015 we hosted the fantastic "Snow Bear," and "Cape Wrath" a performance on a minibus with plenty more performances over the year!


Our 2014 programme included: 

"The Worst Princess" - Monday 6th October - part of the Durham Book Festival.

"Hewin' Goals" - Tuesday 7th October, 6:30pm - new local company Backscratch celebrates the Northern Football League.

"Alice" - Wednesday 22nd September - part of the TakeOff Festival - more information available at

"Angel" - Thursday 23rd September - part of the TakeOff Festival - more information available at


Past live performances have included:

In October 2013 pirates descended on the centre - a swashbuckling performance of "My Granny's a Pirate" arrived and was watched by local primary school children!

In September 2013 we hosted a performance of "Cuddy and His Mates" for three local Primary schools, a show which is inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels.



salt 006On Wednesday 17th July 2013 we welcomed Always Drinking Marching Band from Spain as part of Brass: Durham International Festival 2013. 

On Monday 4th February 2013 students from year 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Byerly Park Primary, Aycliffe Village Primary and St Joseph’s RCVA Primary joined Greenfield students for a fantastic live performance, funded by Greenfield Arts. Chris Bostock, Ken Patterson, and Richard Scott delivered an exciting and enjoyable performance of “SALT” using salt art, music, science and storytelling together in an entertaining and interactive show. All those who came thoroughly enjoyed the performance – thank you very much to the performers and to the primary school children and teachers who joined us for the afternoon!