curiosity 2

What makes you curious...? What do you find amazing...?

Young people from Greenfield Community College are carrying out a project to
explore their curiosities and create a piece of theatre to encourage people to
learn more about the world we live in and to wonder.

The group are worked with Unfolding Theatre's Artistic Director, Annie
Rigby and the funders of the project from Durham University's Science



curiosity performanceThrough a series of creative sessions and explorations the group
explored how the world works, how we understand the world and the science of
the world to create a piece of theatre that will tour across a number of secondary schools.


The tour of "What If...?" took place in July 2013 to schools across the North East - and was a great success! Following the success of the tour, Jabberwocky Market Festival in Darlington will show an encore performance of "What If..?" at Hummersknott Academy in October 2014.