Through the Looking Glass

lookingglass presentation 1We are very pleased to have received funding from GAMP AAP to work with young girls across Newton Aycliffe to improve self esteem and confidence in order to feel good and improve well being.  The creative project encourages girls to find positive areas to focus on and creative sessions that allow self expression and reflection. 


The project started at the end of January 2014 with the two groups working with artist Theresa Easton and trained youth worker Laura Agar Wilson (of Uniquely Healthy). They have been printmaking positive words and images and making feel good journals as part of a larger programme of activity. The project continued leading up to a creative and healthy tea party at Hardwick Hotel at the end of March.


ttlgteaparty2We had a great celebration for the project on Monday 31st March at Hardwick Hall Hotel. The Tea Party, held at Hardwick Hall Hotel, included a menu of healthy treats designed in consultation with the girls, party favours put together by the group, and activity supported by artist Theresa Easton, who has spent time with the girls making “Feel Good Journals.”


Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity at Greenfield said: “The project has been a great opportunity for the girls to realise their own confidence to feel good and believe that anything is possible. The activities have included discussions about healthy eating, body image, self-confidence and positive thinking. It’s clear that the girls have gained a lot and you can visibly see the difference. Thanks to Laura Agar Wilson for facilitating this.”