Arts Passport

arts passport west side storyArts Passport is a programme the Arts Centre launched in 2013 to encourage students at Greenfield to take part in more arts, performing arts and cultural events and activities outside of lesson time.

Students are given an “Arts Passport” - a printed booklet, which contains instructions on how to use the passport. When a student has taken part in an activity, seen a show, or visited an exhibition they should come to the Arts Centre, where we will ask them what they have done, ask to see some “proof” (a photo, a ticket, a leaflet etc) and stamp their passport. Once they have collected 10 stamps they receive a reward, which in the past has included discount at Planet Leisure.

The Arts Centre organises a programme of events and activities under the banner of “Arts Passport,” most of which are free to Greenfield students. Details of all of these activities can be found on Moodle in the “Out of Hours” section.