Skype Grannies Research

skype project for webAt Greenfield Community College two classes are exploring the use of Skype as a teaching, learning and research tool. The groups, learning German and RE, have been speaking to experts in their subjects over Skype in lesson time for the past few weeks to develop deeper questioning and wider understanding. The activity at Greenfield is part of a larger research project from Culture Lab and Newcastle University, which is taking place in four schools across the country.  We are pleased to have been chosen for this innovative project, and look forward to seeing the results of the activities in the classroom and the research as a whole!



sage forw ebOver the past 12 months staff and students at Greenfield Community College have been working with a team from the Sage Gateshead to investigate “ How can teachers and musicians work together to improve engagement and the learning of Key Stage 3 learners in Science?” A science specialist at Greenfield worked with Musician Rob Kitchen to facilitate different science lessons, with Rob using not music but the approaches he often uses in his community music work.

After evaluating the first stage of the research, the staff then worked with students to co-create lessons to explore their findings which indicated the students were more engaged when a challenge was set, or a game element introduced, that they enjoyed working in teams of their own choosing. The reflections of the students after each lesson indicated that they found these methods more effective, and their responses became more literate and involved.

We are now in the process of evaluating and analysing the data from the final stage of the research, and hope to share the findings with staff at Greenfield in the hopes of incorporating them into teaching and learning in the future. Sage Gateshead and NESTA will be producing and disseminating information about the wider project which involved four north east schools.