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'Norman Cornish: A Man of Destiny'






Thursday 10th October - Wednesday 11th December 2019


Greenfield Arts are thrilled to host this exhibition which chronicles the journey of Norman Cornish and the great determination and resilience he showed to become a professional artist. Featuring personal quotes from Cornish and an interesting narrative, the exhibition highlights key moments of his career and showcases work that was produced when materials or conditions were not always optimal.



Call out for artists for Open Art 2020 is now Open!


Open Art 2020-final


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We are delighted to host their annual Open Art exhibition. This year we are celebrating how we connect with each other.  We want to connect with the communities that matter to us and provide a space that can help bring people together through arts and creative activities.  Our call out for artists is now open!  Artists can submit up to 3 peices of work just follow the link above to apply or call our friendly team to find out more.



Coming soon...

Stories from the Hive

An Exhbition by Julie Cockburn


Thursday 9 January  - Wednesday 12 February 2020



An exhibition exploring the connections and interconnections we all have.  Julie chooses materials which reflect elements of her childhood, combined wth her flawed and imperfect memories, which results in her creations of uneasy beauty.  Stories from the Hive brings together a collection of artworks creted by Julie, inspiring us to consider the memories and connections in our lives.



Join Julie and be inspired by her exhibition and learn new creative skills in drawing and textiles, including workshops in rag rug making and 3D rigid ink drawing.


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If you are interested in exhibiting in The Greenfield Gallery, please click here.