Craft Programme

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The Craft Programme is our programme of cabinet and gallery displays which offers artists the opportunity to display contemporary craft and design work. It gives artists the chance to sell work and promote their skills in multiple locations with flexibility and ease. If you are interested in exhibiting in The Craft Programme, please click here.


Current Programme: 

SHED Heads 

Permanently on display


The SHED Heads are our home-grown community of artists who work and create at Greenfield Arts, producing a programme of displays which host contemporary craft artwork for sale. They also share their skills back with the community through workshops and events. For more information on becoming a SHED Head or using our facilties to produce creative work, please contact us.


SHEDHEAD cabinet web 


Kathleen Woodham - Jewellery

January 2018


Kathleen will also be leading a wire weaving workshop on Thursday 25th January, 10:30am - 4:30pm, as part of our 'Masterclass Thursdays' programme. Learn the basic skills involved and create your own piece of jewellery to take away. For more information and to book your place, please see the 'Courses and Activities' page.



Coming Soon:

February 2018 - Full Exhibition

Sonia Burn - Travels Through Art


Thursday 8th February - Wednesday 28th February 2018

Preview Night – Wednesday 9th February 2018, 6pm – 8pm

Sonya is a local self taught artist. She has been enthusiastic about art and countries around the world since childhood, so far she has been unable to travel the world so she has explored the different cultures to be found through her passion for art! The mediums she uses can vary from piece to piece, you will see the use of paper, ink and metal with emphasis on acryllics.