Artist Memberships for The Shed

shed creative hubThe Shed is a fantastic creative space at Greenfield Arts. 

It includes a range of GAMP AAP funded creative digital equipment including:

- Digital Embroidery Sewing Machine


- Large format printer

- Sublimation Printer

- Heat Press

- Mug Press


In order to be a member, and access the equipment, you must take part in a half day induction, after which you will be allowed to book equipment to use in “The Shed.” The Shed will be open during the normal opening hours of Greenfield Arts (Monday – Thursday, 10am – 9pm, Fridays 10am-4pm).

The cost of Artists Membership is £80, which is the induction fee. This gives you a membership indefinitely, with the condition that you access The Shed and the equipment at least once every 6 months (if you go 6 months without using the equipment you will be required to attend another induction and pay the £80 induction fee again).

Once you have your induction, materials to use with the equipment (paper, etc) and ink for the printers will be charged as you use it, at a reduced rate. For the current price list for materials click here.

If you would like to be an Artists Member of The Shed, please contact us to book an induction.