Cutting Loose

Cutting Loose is a live outdoor spectacular event in association with BRASS: Durham International Festival that includes a carnival of live music, dance and costume. Cutting Loose has taken place in 2012, 2014 and 2017.


2012 & 2014

The project involved a wide spectrum of the community to bring colour, life and excitement to the area. The overall project involved over 500 primary school, over 240 secondary school students, 15 youth musicians the youth music service, 40 dancers, 16 Youth Challenge students, 50 adults.

The project included a ‘cutting loose’ shop, 2 parades, over 80 workshops, 8 live performances, prop making, dance activity, music sessions, community days and more!

Artists involved in Cutting Loose have included Bravura, Sarah Churlish, Jilly Johnston, Ken Patterson, Ali Dixon, Unfolding Theatre, Ruth Johnson, Jazz in my Pants, Bande de la Maria, World beaters and Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International.

The project was developed, produced & managed by Greenfield Arts. It was funded by the GAMP AAP.

(x2 videos from Vimeo to connect with here)


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