We run two cree projects, a youth cree and a men’s cree.

The project aims to provide creative and engaging activity to promote positive wellbeing and a sense of community to support individuals to express themselves, reflect and make positive contributions.



Greenfield Arts Cree

The cree projects have involved lots of different work including a little libraries commissions from New Writing North, making a mobile, redesigning spaces for creative activity, creating boxes of kindness, Brining the Funny project, art work for wellbeing at Bewick Crescent, Art work for community spirit at Shildon and Newton Aycliffe railway, extraordinary community project with Beamish, Shed making for PCP…

Some of the artists and partners we have worked with include Richard Agar, Richard Bliss, Laura Degnan, Nicola Golightly, Elaine Vizor, Anna Harding, Kev Howard, Andy Croft, Beamish Museum, New Writing North, Durham County Council Arts team, Gala Gallery, Arc Stockton and Jabberwocky Market…

The crees are supported by Public Health

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